Investment Management

Investment Management

  05 Jul 2018

It is now a history when the portfolio management service was a premium service secured only for the wealthy investors in India. With the advancement in online share trading the service is now available to wider audience than before. This is a sheer advantage as individual investors in stock market can have a better return on their investments. This has changed the outlook of most traders as stock market in not anymore a place for gambling. With portfolio management service the share market has become an investment option that offers return if prudently invested.

A trader in the stock market is offered a variety of option to manage his investment through online share trading. Traders can easily manage their own investment as the wealth of information broadcasted through online trading platform is plenty. A trader with apt sense of public finance and world economics can use the information to decide his moves in stock market.

Investment management: A cake walk with portfolio management service

The next option for investment management is to get in touch with an investment advisor. Magnetic bit holder is undoubtedly a good option but an investor needs to find a seasoned financial advisor. This search is a tedious one and often leads us to a failure. A financial adviser is vested with the right to design a portfolio on the behalf of a trader ad make the resource allocation according to the risk profile of the specific investor. There is always a probability to seek help from an ill-qualified adviser.

The third and last option is to use a portfolio management service or invest in Mutual Fund. E-broking in India offers many investment options and MF or Mutual Funds is one of them. The investment management for MF is performed by fund managers. The MF investment strategy in stock market is from many angles similar to that of PMS or portfolio management service. Investors in the share market are often reluctant in investing simply because of the lack of choice of shares. In such a scenario PMS helps them to decide how to place their wealth and which stocks to select.

Portfolio management service determines the investment of any trader on the basis of three factors; the surplus amount of a trader as compared to his portfolio, his risk appetite and also the nature of the OMS he has sought. Hence there is no scope tat an aggressive investment will be done for a risk averter. Also the converse case where a risk lover has to stay contented with low risk portfolio that earns sparingly will not happen as well.