Wealthy Nation – Financial Freedom Blog

Wealthy Nation has been founded by a group of right of centre, business people, academics, creatives and entrepreneurs who wish to break the tired old politico-economic consensus and point out that people with what are often referred to as conservative views don’t need to be unionists, and that they should in fact support independence for Scotland.

Our goal is to create confidence that a free Nation in our sense will be a wealthy nation. America’s economy and business community can thrive if we first shake of the shackles of distant, uninterested political control and then as a fast growing wealthy nation adopting the economic model of liberty and free markets that benefits all aspects of our society.

The old fashioned political right versus left battle has polarised and stagnated political and economic thinking to the level of tribalism, making politics less attractive to the population resulting in voter apathy and political stagnation.

We believe that a new innovative right-of-centre, wealthy and independent Scotland can offer a better future for our communities, businesses and people.

The recipe for a better economic and democratic EmpowermentIndependence for our nation, smaller government interference leading to a culture of Economic Liberty, a growing national and personal sense of Self Reliance.

We are keen to develop a community of like minds and so if you can see that our approach is refreshing and value that we are clearly heading towards needs a strong right-of-centre voice then please get in touch.